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We believe in collaboration and connection.  Connecting artists with retail partners allows more exposure of their craft.  Connecting Retail Partners with Service Partners allows for a trusted network of like-minded entrepreneurs, tradesmen, and professionals. Connecting the community with local independent business owners, making an direct impact on our local economy!

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A.R.tists are chosen because of their talent and specific niche related to their craft.  It is our goal to lift up all artists and communicate what makes their art unique.  

Want to become an A.R.tist with us?  Take a moment (ok, about 3-5 moments) to tell us as much as you can about your art, business, or service!  

We LOVE to here YOUR story!    #WhatsYOURstory? 

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Why Do you Use the word Artist instead of craftman, etc?

 I get asked all the time why I use the term "ARtist" for our artist partners.  This is something that took me a while to understand myself WHY I couldn't let go of the idea that that was the exact word that describes "the gift" that opened up from the inside of me.  When a friend visited an Alaskan Gallery, after listening to me struggle with my own explanation, he sent a pic  of this very special man's poem.  It was this poem that captured what I believe in my heart and will spend my days helping others to uncover in themselves...  I am honored to have not only permission to use, but to alter and honor the Lowell's legacy in offerring it as the official description of our definition on an ARtist.  

 Thank you Mr. Norman and Libby.  

- Jauxniece, 

a like-minded Visionary and proud ARtist

 The "ARtist" 

by Norman Lowell

The brush in the hand of man does not make him an artist :
But his bent toward his Creator,keenness of his eye,
Sensitivity and perception of his mind,
And the honesty of his heart.
You the viewer may be an artist by the same reasons:
What I see – you may see;
What I feel – you may feel,
For we are made of the same earth, received the same life, and walk the same land 

#WhatsYourStory:  Norman and Libby Lowell